• Where do you live?

I am based in Asti, in the North West of Italy but I am available for travel throughout Italy and abroad.

  • How can we contact you?

By phone at +39 338/5937470, also via whatsapp, by e-mail to alberto.domanda@gmail.com or via social networ.

  • How long before does it take to book the wedding photo shoot?

There is no real answer to this question, it depends a lot on the period you will marry, in the most requested months (June, July and September) you have to book several months in advance or even a year in advance.

  • How do I book a wedding photo shoot?

After checking the availability for the date chosen by you, you can book the service by signing the contract of appointment and paying a deposit.

  • Can we meet to know each other?

Absolutely, I prefer meet the bride and the groom (or at least do a videocall) to get to know them and explain everything in person.

  • Do you work alone?

No, during weddings I always work with another photographer expert in the field as I consider two photographers essential during the wedding to be able to capture all the best moments of the day.

  • If we want to have the wedding video too?

Regarding the video I do not deal with it personally since I will dedicate myself exclusively to the photos, but I work with others professional videomakers expert in the field.

  • How many photos will you shoot during the day?

During the day approximately 3000 photos will be shooted in total.

  • How long are you available to stay?

Beginning with the groom’s and bride’s preparations, then continuing with the ceremony and refreshments, I generally never go over 12 hours in total. We are in any case available to stay longer for an additional price of € 100 for hour.

  • Is the photo session between the ceremony and the refreshment compulsory?

Absolutely not, the photo session between the end of the ceremony and before the refreshments is not compulsory, the couple will decide whether to do it or not according to their preferences. Generally I prefer to take a few photos and make others later in the refreshment location to avoid that the guests wait for too long for the couple.

  • Do you anticipate the cut of the cake?

I never anticipate cutting the cake except in cases where for reasons of light or others you prefer to do so.

  • What will be delivered to us?

The photos processed (about 500) and also all the unprocessed photos taken during the day (about 3000), all in high-resolution .jpg format without embossed logo. In addition to the photos will be delivered a draft of the album in .pdf format that you can view to decide any changes.

  • How long will it take to deliver photos and album?

Approximately 4 months after the wedding, the photos and the draft in pdf of the album will be delivered. As for the delivery of the album will depend a lot on the speed of the couple in the approval of the selection and layout of the album. Once the draft of the album is approved, it will pass approximately 1 and a half months before delivery.

  • Who selects the photos for the album?

Selecting the right images is very important. The choice will be made by me, among the photos that I think are best and that above all narrate the day in the best way possible, usually 100-150 photos.

  • Can changes be made to the draft of the album?

You can make free changes that do not exceed 50% of the photos. For additional changes an additional price will be applied.

  • What are the types of albums you offer?

There are albums of various sizes and prices which you can view in my studio. These are in any case choices that can be easily carried out after the wedding.