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Welcome everyone to my website!

What does photography mean to me? I believe that it is the expression of our vision of reality, and that a photographer is first of all a person with his own emotions, with his own feelings and with his own ability to bring out the uniqueness and spontaneity of its subject.

My introduction to photography came when I received my first reflex, a Nikon D3100, as a gift in 2012. Since that moment I have always tried to improve my photographic knowledge, obviously studying and practicing a lot, aspects that I consider fundamental in order to improve.

My first wedding photoshoot dates back to 2014 when I found myself having to take photos of a friend’s wedding. I was fascinated by this photographic genre mainly for two reasons, the first is the possibility of “capturing” people’s emotions, the second is the complexity of the event as it contains the reportage, portrait, landscape and still life in a single day.

Photography is certainly my greatest passion and since 2017 it has also become my profession. I work most of the time in the north-west of Italy, but I am available for travel throughout Italy and also abroad. I mainly deal with wedding photography, events and portraits.

If you are interested, contact me for further information.